Recurring violence in the North Simbo Region is a result of broader struggles between the Federation of Tugal and the Federation of Altadenica over tribal peoples of the Simbo River north of the Tugali homeland.


The Federation of Tugal historically has been a major naval power and has not been concerned with attacks from land, excluding the Assault on Simbopolis conducted by troops from Goba. As a result, Tugal has spent massive capital on recruiting mercenaries from amongst local nomadic and sedentary tribes along the northern reaches of the Simbo River and the plains and mountains nearby its banks, at times tripling the size of the Tugali military force. In addition to military spending, Tugal used these tribesmen in the construction of several Oporto extension islands, including Perón Island, and other forces that require unskilled labor.

Tugali colonialism in the Median Era saw the creation of Fortaleza Horizonte, Fortaleza Janeiro, and Fortaleza Nova Oporto Arawica within the vicinity of the Altadenican city of Altadena. The outbreak of the Tugali War of Unification ultimately triggered the Horizontian War, where Altadenican forces occupied and destroyed the mentioned fortalezas. The creation of these fortalezas in the North Simbo region angered Altadenica, sparking the hate and conflict that presently plagues this region.

Recent activityEdit

With the birth of a new expansionalist attitude in Tugal, a need for unskilled manual labor has caused Tugal to once again draw on the cheap labor pools of North Simbo tribes; at times, tribes competing for jobs would attack each other, sparking series of murders, kidnappings, and arson throughout the region. Altadenica intervened, worsening the situation; the Altadenicans paid a few tribes to attempt to face down the rest of the tribes in a feeble effort to maintain peace; instead, violence rose up against Altadenica-supported tribes as various heads of these tribes were captured, tortured, and killed.

Ultimately, Altadenica turned to invading Tugal outright using their own mercenary system in a quasi-war. Attacks on Nova Riviera prompted the foundation of the city of Florianópolis around the abandoned Fortaleza Floripa. Altadenican forces were repulsed every time with great casualties to the Altadenican invaders' side.

Valentine WarEdit

The outbreak of the Valentine War triggered a renewed attempt to quell the violence in the North Simbo region by destroying Tugal completely. Altadenica intensified their efforts at mercenary recruitment from the local tribes, while Tugal did likewise; various battles and skirmishes, sometimes killing tens of thousands of people, broke out all along the North Simbo frontier between Tugal and Altadenica. The gradual economic demises of Tugal and Altadenica caused them to shift away from the mercenary system, leaving the tribes with feuds that none of them truly understood anymore. Currently, these feuds make travel via undefended North Simbo regions very dangerous.