Tuviera Alistario (born in Nova Riviera, Tugal -- died in Ciudad Espera, Tugal) was a corporate merchant and the founding mayor of the city of Ciudad Espera, a colony near where the Moyen Serpent meets the Arawdielli Sea. he was the pioneer of the colonial planning procedure presently used in Tugali imperialism. He was executed in captivity by Huari Geladu on February 18, 2010.

Early lifeEdit

Alistario was born to a middle-class single parent and teacher in Nova Riviera. Noted for his politic prowess and mischievous tendencies, Alistario was kicked out of every elementary school in Nova Riviera and its surrounding city-states. After additional unsuccessful attempts for schooling in Simbopolis, Alistario's mother home-schooled him through high school, where he joined the Vandernys Company and accompanied its ventures on the Oporto Extension Islands as a teenager. Alistario was maimed at age eighteen in a freighter incident on Praia Island. Losing the lower portion of his left leg, Karmykal Vandernys compassionately paid for a prosthetic replacement. In the emotionally distraught state he was in, Vandernys met personally with Alistario and convinced him to convert to the Gobalese folk religion. At this point, Alistario was twenty-one.

Later life and deathEdit

Alistario rose through Vandernys corporate ranks, and he used his massive paycheck to fund charities across the slums of Oporto Arawica and Simbopolis. Eventually, hearing of Maxus Aeruma and Parseydon Burradur and their petition to charter the Gordion Colonial Zone on nearby Gordion Island, Alistario relocated to the city of Gordion and observed how Burradur and Aeruma handled the colony. Taking note of their successes and failures, Alistario became inspired to found another Tugali colony.

Alistario moved back to Oporto Arawica and spent two months attempting to catch the doge's attention. Eventually, Aguas III agreed to hear Alistario out. Making his case, Aguas III approved a charter for Alistario, who took a group of disgruntled farmers evicted by wealthier, enclosure-minded farmers from mainland Tugal and carried them south to an unclaimed, though fertile coastal region nearby the adjoining of the Moyen Serpent and Arawdielli Sea. He christened their new settlement Ciudad Espera; the early economic and social success of the colony received international approbation.

The outbreak of the Valentine War on February 14, 2010 saw a surprise invasion of Ciudad Espera by an Altadenican force under Huari Geladu. Geladu conquered the city in a day, taking Alistario captive. Against orders of the Altadenican Falando, Geladu had Alistario publically executed in the ruins of his own house.


News of Alistario's death warranted a national day of mourning in Oporto, Gordion, Trujillo, and Cape Argent City. The Vandernys Company named Alistario their hero of the season, and Aguas III personally oversaw the funeral of Alistario after the Altadenicans agreed to return his body.