Trujillo with roads
A transportation map of Trujillo superimposed over an elevation map of the local area. The light orange represents Citadel Hall.


Usted puede tomar algo que este mundo puede darlo. (You can take anything this world can give you.)



-Head of State


strong mayor form
Maxus Aeruma
Parseydon Burradur
Parker Lloyesia
Karmykal Vandernys


New Oporto language (national official)
Santandían language (national official)
Unidante language (official national and local)
Tibakkan language (unofficial)
Cyrillic Bulgarian (unofficial local written)

Trujillo (prounounced trrroo-HEE-oh) is a city located on Trujillo Cape at the eastern end of Gordion Island. It is the second significant settlement in Lloyesiana after the capital city of Gordion. For a brief time, the Federation of Altadenica drove Tugal out of the city in the Battle of Trujillo Cape on March 14, 2010, placing the city within the Gordion Occupational Military Zone. The city was founded as part of Tugali Gordion by Simbopolis merchant Karmykal Vandernys on the behalf of the Simbopolis-based Vandernys Company, and is built on the Rey Aguas River across from Rey Aguas Mountain, the site of the most concentrated myleni deposit nearby the surface. The city was founded partially as a consequence of the population boom that rushed from mainland Tugal onto the island, and has since grown to a population larger than most mainland Tugali city-states. The city was founded on 28 January 2010.

The Declaration of Gordionian Indecision and the resultant breakdown in relations between Tugali Gordion and the Tugals spelled disaster for the Vandernys Company, which regrouped its remnants and established headquarters in Trujillo. Karmykal Vandernys spent a large portion of his personal fortune to extricate his employees and their families from the highly volatile Tugali city-states; most of them traveled and settled in Trujillo, swelling the city's population.