The Puente S.A.C. (Santandían: Puente Sobre Agua Caliente, Común: Bridge over Hot Water) was a lindori freighter licensed to Oporto Arawica that ran routes between the Federation of Tugal and various tribes on the Moyen Serpent, including those involved in the Tibakkan Hadrumentum Sea routes. During a diversion in the city-state of Gerrares, a privateer group sponsored by Shalma Ompia and his family ambushed the ship and others in the Harbor of Gerrares. The ship sank, killing its entire crew, and the privateers returned to Ashuria on continent Bianco with the spoils. The attack on Gerrares was seen as a chance for Simbopolis and other city-states to attack the dismayed city-state, an event that contributed to the start of the Tugali War of Unification.