Parseydon Burradur (born in Nova Riviera, Tugal) is a member of the Lloyesianian triumvirate. He was the first governor of the Gordion Colonial Zone, a colony of the Federation of Tugal, and was partially responsible for its independence in issuing the Declaration of Gordionian Indecision. He was born into the royal Aguas line and is the adopted brother of doge Rayrames I and adopted son of doge Aguas II, but chose to accept governorship over a life in the Palacio Arawdielli.

Early lifeEdit

Burradur was born to illegitimate teenage parents that had relocated into Nova Riviera after the Great Simbopolis Flash Flood destroyed the city of Simbopolis, where his grandparents had lived and were killed. In the midst of the chaos of Nova Riviera's construction, architect Xaytartie Santiaga, who was charged with constructing the city, ran into an abandoned infant Burradur at the foot of a planned Ashurian temple. He plead to doge Aguas II to adopt him after the Ashurian missionaries refused to do so, given their sparse resources. The unnamed child was adopted formally by Aguas II and named for the street on which he was found, Parseydon Boulevard; he assumed the last name of the ruling family. Burradur was immediately immersed in the languages of his adopted father (the six Tugali official languages), along with Tibakkan and Común from his adoptive mother, Yardia Aeruma of the Despotate of Silvermoon; having learned these languages, Burradur was able to negotiate a temporary end to violence in the North Simbo Region at age seven. At age nine, Burradur chose Ashurism as his religion, and began giving generously to Ashurian temples and monuments across Tugali city-states and working towards and end to the persecution of fellow believers in the cities of Cielos and Cape Argent City.

Later lifeEdit

The Silver City Civil Conflict erupted in Silvermoon when he was fifteen, when Yardia Aeruma was executed and his stepbrother Undra Aeruma was demented and exiled. The overthrow frightened him and anguished him, as he realized that he would not be able to stop the violence given the resources partitioned to him by his stepnephew, Rayrames I of Oporto Arawica, who succeeded Aguas II on the Tugali throne. Burradur lobbied to Rayrames I for an intervention in the politics of Qarqida Yzadha, the new despot of Silvermoon, but Rayrames decided not to act. A rift divided the two, and Rayrames denied Burradur the captainship of the Arawdielli Armada when he decided to find the funds and material to construct the Palacio Arawdielli in Oporto Arawica.

Rayrames' early death was welcome news to Burradur, who was more easily able to speak and interact with the newly crowned doge Aguas III. Aguas III granted Burradur's request for intervention in the Tarantine War. After returning, unvictoriously, a disillusioned Burradur petitioned Aguas III for a permit of colonial establishment. When this too was granted, Burradur and relative Maxus Aeruma moved to a well-made harbor region on the southern shores of Gordion Island and named the city Gordion to regulate the Yardianic Trade Route trade and prevent further piracy from the north. In the process, he established a residence in the quiet mountains around his city and colony, and permanently settled there.

When the Valentine War put stresses on Tugal that ultimately fractured the nation into North Tugal and Royal Tugal, both sides demanded Tugali Gordion's allegiance. As he had ties to both sides, he was unable to decide. Ultimately, he and Aeruma issued the Declaration of Gordionian Indecision. For that, both sides ejected Tugali Gordion from the nation and eschewed it; now practically independent, Burradur and Aeruma joined with the brilliant Parker Lloyesia to form the Lloyesianian triumvirate.

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