The Palacio Elysiano is a palace that houses the president of the United Provinces of Elysion. Prior to the Tugalaise Coup on May 10, 2010, it housed the governor of the Elysium Colonial Zone, a colony of the Federation of Tugal. It is located in the capital city of Puerto Alegre. The Palacio hosts all major diplomatic meetings run by Elysion. It was formerly the site where Tugali Elysium Colonial Zone and the Aerumaen Colonial Republic of Elysia met, although the Aeruma-Elysian capital was in the adjacent city of Elysium. The Palacio's architecture combines the designs of the Palacio Arawdielli in Oporto Arawica and the Grand Argentine Palace in Silver City. Its upper levels are studded with both lindories and the most resilient mylenies.