Myrin (local spoken)

лагерmyrin (local written)

Myrin with roads 2
A map of Myrin's roads superimposed over a local elevation map. The light orange depicts the Aerumaic Palace.





Civilian population (1/22/10)


Troop count (1/22/10)



Head of State

Direct government administration
Undra Aeruma

Myrin is the capital of the State of Tabatín. Founded on 29 December 2009 as a military camp, Myrin was given its name by Tabatinia's sole ruler, Undra Aeruma, who was exiled from his original capital at Taba after the Turnipion Union initiated the War on Tabatinia. Myrin's entire population was militarily mobilized and essentially a barracks until Aeruma confirmed an end to the War on Tabatinia; Aeruma then ordered a forced labor unto the soldiers that killed many but converted Myrin into a de jure city. The city is located on the edge of the swampy North White River Delta, a short distance to the north of Taba.

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