First Region Map Highlighting Moyen-Sud
A map of the First Region with Moyen-Sud highlighted.



Moyen-Sud is the second-largest continent in the First Region of planet Antioch. Separated from continent Trinubes by the Moyen Serpent passageway, its northeastern shores with the lower Arawdielli Sea are amongst its most fertile, a common characteristic between the two continents. Moyen-Sud is separated from the snowy regions of continent Bianco via the Archangelsk Strait, although the southern portions of the continent in itself constitute tundra and icy environments. Much of the continent is composed of a unique coniferous forest composed of only a single plant where each branch can be seen as a separate tree; this plant is watered by the largest lake in Antioch's First Region. Four rivers borne from this central lake flow west into the Moyen Serpent and east into the Archangelsk Strait.

Moyen-Sud's southernmost regions overlap with the massive Arco-Biancan and Trinubaen Ice Shelves, forming a traversable bridge between the continent and Trinubes and Bianco.