File:110px-Flag of Bahrain.svg.pngFile:110px-Flag of Germany.svg.pngFile:121px-Flag of Belgium.svg.png
File:125px-Flag of the United States.svg.pngFile:126px-Flag of the United States.svg.pngFile:132px-Flag of Australia.svg.png
File:132px-Flag of Canada.svg.pngFile:132px-Flag of Libya.svg.pngFile:132px-Flag of the Philippines.svg.png
File:132px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.pngFile:15 Jan 2010 Silvermoon with Flag.pngFile:15 Jan 2010 Tugal with Flag.png
File:168px-Flag of Qatar.svg.pngFile:16 Jan 2010 Ashura-Chana with Flag.pngFile:16 Jan 2010 Kamzia with Flag.png
File:19 Jan 2010 Tugali Gordion with Flag.pngFile:28 Dec 2009 Silvermoon with Flag.pngFile:29 Dec 2009 Tabatinia with Flag.png
File:30 Jan 2010 Altadenica with Flag.pngFile:31 Dec 2009 Tugal with Flag.pngFile:500px-Flag types gallery.svg.png
File:66px-Flag of Switzerland.svg.pngFile:6 Feb 2010 Tugali Arawdiellia Map with Flag.pngFile:76px-Flag of Belgium.svg.png
File:83px-Flag of Monaco.svg.pngFile:8 Feb 2010 Ashura-Chana with Flag.pngFile:8 Feb 2010 Shecagua with Flag.png
File:8 February 2010 Halia Valley with Flag.pngFile:91px-Flag of Israel.svg.pngFile:99px-Flag of France.svg.png
File:99px-Flag of Indonesia.svg.pngFile:99px-Flag of South Korea.svg.pngFile:99px-Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg.png
File:9 Jan 2010 Goba with Flag.pngFile:Altadena with roads.pngFile:Amarillo River on Moyen-Sud.png
File:Archipelica Island.pngFile:Battle of Taba 2.pngFile:Battle of Taba 3.png
File:Battle of Taba Preliminary.pngFile:Bygam with flag 5 June 2010.pngFile:Bygam with roads.png
File:Cape Argent City with roads.pngFile:Cape Karalla City with roads.pngFile:Carte-officielle-2-14.png
File:Chronology of Sector Antioch to December 2010.pngFile:Cidade Fortaleza with roads.pngFile:Cielos with roads.png
File:Ciudad Castillo with roads.pngFile:Ciudad Espera with roads.pngFile:Coeur with roads.png
File:Costal City with roads.pngFile:Cyrilia with roads.pngFile:Daishun-Map.png
File:Daishun Republic.gifFile:Daishun location.pngFile:Eastorbick with roads.png
File:Elysion with flag.pngFile:Example.jpgFile:Feature.png
File:First Region Blank Map.pngFile:First Region Map Highlighting Appia of Biancoslatania.pngFile:First Region Map Highlighting Arawdielli Sea.png
File:First Region Map Highlighting Archangelsk Strait.pngFile:First Region Map Highlighting Arco-Biancian Ice Shelf.pngFile:First Region Map Highlighting Bianco.png
File:First Region Map Highlighting Extremytaric Ocean.pngFile:First Region Map Highlighting Karalla.pngFile:First Region Map Highlighting Karallean Ocean.png
File:First Region Map Highlighting Latenga Gulf.pngFile:First Region Map Highlighting Moyen-Sud.pngFile:First Region Map Highlighting Moyen Serpent.png
File:First Region Map Highlighting Mun Lindore.pngFile:First Region Map Highlighting New Barents Sea.pngFile:First Region Map Highlighting Selatan.png
File:First Region Map Highlighting Trinubes.pngFile:First Region Map Highlighting Trinubiaen Ice Shelf.pngFile:First Region Map Highlighting Tugalaise Isthmus.png
File:First Region Map Highlighting Tugali Elysium.pngFile:First Region Map Highlighting Utara.pngFile:Flag-horiz.png
File:Flag-vert.pngFile:Flag of Aerumaen Elysia.pngFile:Flag of Aerumean Elysia.png
File:Flag of Alianza de Simbopolis.pngFile:Flag of Altadena.pngFile:Flag of Altadenica.png
File:Flag of Ashura-Chana.pngFile:Flag of Bygam.pngFile:Flag of Cagaea.png
File:Flag of Confederate Alliance.pngFile:Flag of Elysion.pngFile:Flag of Goba.png
File:Flag of Goba2.pngFile:Flag of Halia Valley.pngFile:Flag of Halia Valley.svg
File:Flag of Halia Valley Protectorate.pngFile:Flag of Kamzia.pngFile:Flag of Lloyesiana.png
File:Flag of Mydenica.pngFile:Flag of North Tugal.pngFile:Flag of Ocean Colony.png
File:Flag of Prattica.pngFile:Flag of Shecagua.pngFile:Flag of Shecagua.svg
File:Flag of Shecagua2.pngFile:Flag of Shilaquega.pngFile:Flag of Silvermoon.png
File:Flag of Silvermoon2.pngFile:Flag of Tabatinia.pngFile:Flag of Tabatinia2.png
File:Flag of Tours.pngFile:Flag of Transdalmata.pngFile:Flag of Tugal.png
File:Flag of Tugalaise Corridor.pngFile:Flag of Tugalaise Corridor Protectorate.pngFile:Flag of Tugali Arawdiellia.png
File:Flag of Tugali Elysium.pngFile:Flag of Tugali Gordion.pngFile:Flag of the Presidio.png
File:Flag of the Tugali Federation.pngFile:Flag of the Vitalla.pngFile:Florianopolis with roads.png
File:Forum new.gifFile:Gamayan River on Bianco.pngFile:Gordion Asadores.png
File:Gordion with roads.pngFile:Gordion with roads 2.pngFile:Hadrumentum Sea.png
File:Halia River on Bianco.pngFile:Indianapolis Island.pngFile:Insignia of Ceuta Naval Installation.png
File:Insignia of Extension Island Defense Installation.pngFile:Insignia of Gordion Naval Installation.pngFile:Insignia of Joakim Naval Installation.png
File:Insignia of Vandernys Naval Installation.pngFile:Kingdom Naval Base.pngFile:Lloyesiana map and flag.png
File:Madoola Archipelago.pngFile:Map Highlighting Gordion Island.pngFile:Map Highlighting Yardianic Trade Route.png
File:Map of the Tugali Empire.pngFile:Merah with roads.pngFile:Milwaukee Island.png
File:Mun Lindore.pngFile:Mun Lindore Map Highlighting Tarantine Coast.pngFile:Myrin with roads.png
File:Myrin with roads 2.pngFile:Mytymya with roads.pngFile:New Argent City with roads.png
File:New Kamzia with roads.pngFile:New Keia with roads.pngFile:Norte with roads.png
File:Nova Altadena Island.pngFile:Nova Cielos with roads.pngFile:Nova Riviera with roads.png
File:Novhalia with roads.pngFile:Nueva Simbopolis with roads.pngFile:Nuevo Oporto with roads.png
File:Ocean Colony with Flag.pngFile:Oeste with roads.pngFile:Oporto Arawica with roads.png
File:Placeholder item.pngFile:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.png
File:Placeholder person.pngFile:Puerto Alegre with roads.pngFile:Puerto Bonito with roads.png
File:Puerto Gibralta with roads.pngFile:Ralleyi Crossing.pngFile:Royal Tugal with Flag.png
File:Ryujin Sharingan.jpgFile:SECTORANTIOCHMAP.pngFile:Saformalmap13.png
File:Saformalmap6.pngFile:Sagittarius River on Moyen-Sud.pngFile:Salvacionwithroads.png
File:Sharingan.jpgFile:Shecagua location.pngFile:Shyraite with roads.png
File:Silver City with roads.pngFile:Silvermoon location.pngFile:Simbo River on Trinubes.png
File:Simbopolis with roads.pngFile:Stevenson Cape on Moyen-Sud.pngFile:Sude with roads.png
File:Surrender.pngFile:TCP with flag.pngFile:Taba with roads 29 Dec 2009.png
File:Tabatinia location.pngFile:Taleza Island.pngFile:The Presidio with flag.png
File:Tibakka with roads.pngFile:Trinubiaen Desert.pngFile:Trujillo with roads.png
File:Tugal location.pngFile:Tugali Colonialism in the Median Era.pngFile:US-flag-squished.png
File:Vandernys Cape.pngFile:White River Map Highlighting North Branch.pngFile:White River Map highlighting East Branch.png
File:White River on Karalla.pngFile:Wiki.pngFile:Willamette Sea.png