Florianópolis (Floripa)

Cidade de la Fortaleza Floripa

Florianopolis with roads
A transportation map of Florianópolis, Tugal superimposed over an elevation map of the city's immediate vicinity. The light orange represents Fortaleza Floripa.


Onde estaríamos se tivéssemos de desistir agora? (Where would we be if we were to give up now?)



Civilian population (as of 16/1/10)


Troop count (as of 16/1/10)


-Head of State

delegated government administration
Aguas III
Xaytartie Santiaga


Oporto language (official)
Unidante language (official)
Santandían language (official)
Tibakkan language (unofficial, majority)
Común language (unofficial, local)
Simbo language (unofficial, local)

Florianópolis (pronounced flor-ee-ah-NOH-poh-lish), known locally as Floripa or Fortaleza, is a city-state colony of the Federation of Tugal on continent Trinubes. The city was founded on January 3rd, 2010 as a measure of trade regulation and defense from raiders headed for the Tugali city-states on the Simbo River by investors in Nova Riviera and Oporto Arawica, the two most influential city-states in Tugal. The city was constructed on a pair of densely forested hills overlooking the river around Ft. Floripa, which was an outpost that had already been in place on the frontier prior to the Tugali War of Unification, established (and later neglected) by investors from Simbopolis. Florianópolis was placed under direct administration of the Ribieran government rather than given its independence, given its importance in shielding Tugal from the violence in the North Simbo Region caused by the national reliance on mercenaries.

Florianópolis is named for a tourist trap city of the same name in Brazil.