Cape Argent City

град на нос сребро (written)

Cape Argent City with roads
A transportation map of Cape Argent City superimposed over an elevation map. The light orange represents the Mayoral Office Building, while the darker orange represents major roads and highways.


живеят за днес, но планът за утре (Live for today, but plan for tomorrow)


Cape Argentine

Civilian population

21,235 (as of 12/30/09)

Troop count

2,000 soldiers (As of 12/30/09)


Head of State

mayor-council form
Tetrarch Yzadha

Memain Turtoraen

Cape Argent City is the second-largest city in the Despotate of Silvermoon, and is its only major coastal port city. The city is named for Cape Argent, the geographical feature upon which the city center is located; it was founded by colonists from Selishte (now Silver City) under the leadership of despot Iami Aeruma. The discovery of lindories in the Silver City area drove Aeruma to establish a colony that would facilitate the trade of the extremely valuable resource with other peoples; after its founding, Cape Argent City became the most cosmopolitan city in the entirety of planet Antioch's First Region, receiving merchants from as far as those from the Federation of Tugal on continent Trinubes. It became an economic powerhouse, with more goods passing through the city than all other cities on the planet combined. The Silver City Civil Conflict, which led to the overthrow of the Aerumaen dynasty of rulers, dampened Cape Argent City's influence significantly; the Cape Argent Riots destroyed most of the city's docks and seaports; nearly 80% of the city was torched. The city's street plan, originally built in a series of fractal patterns, helped spread the fires rapidly across the city.

The city retained a semblance of its former state, but never came within a large fraction of re-achieving it. While most of the city has been rebuilt in a concentric circle pattern similar to that of Silver City, its demise ruined the resilience of the Aerumaen economy, setting the city on for a trend of slow recovery when paired with the reforms of new despot Tetrarch Yzadha.