Ashurism is a religion that originated in the snowy wastes of continent Bianco. It is the state religion of all principalities associated with Ashura-Chana. It is one of the most widespread religions in the First Region of planet Antioch.

While Ashurism in itself is a polytheistic religion, Ashurists do not worship idols. Rather, according to Ashuric tradition, the gods will only associate with the Holiest Oracle of Ashuria who must live with Mount Ashura in view of the southern horizon. As a result, there is no holy book in Ashuric tradition; the holy texts are the Holiest decrees, which are issued by the Holiest Oracle. The Holiest Oracle is worshiped, as Ashuric tradition teaches that the gods will have nothing to do with humans other than the Holiest Oracle and so said gods do not play major roles in Ashuric daily life.

Ashurists congregate twice a week in khrams, which are always built facing the holy city of Ashuria. In each khram, a proclaimer breaks down each Holiest decree and explains how each Ashurist should apply the decree to their lives.

Khrams are organized into divisions called khramates, which are governed by yrtics.

Because of the aggressive policies of Holiest Oracle Djishura D'chmana, Ashurism has gained an unusually reputation for brutality. This has slowed peaceful conversion rates to Ashurism to an all time low.

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