First Region Map Highlighting Arco-Biancian Ice Shelf

A map of the First Region with the Arco-Biancian Ice Shelf. It is highlighted in light blue.

The Arco-Biancian Ice Shelf is the smaller of the two ice shelves in the First Region of planet Antioch. Meeting the Trinubiaen Ice Shelf in the west directly beneath the contient Moyen-Sud, the Arco-Biancian Ice Shelf blocks the flow of the Archangelsk Strait before connecting to continent Bianco. The ice shelf is thick enough on average to form a stable bridge between Moyen-Sud and Bianco. The ice shelf then extends eastwards into the eastern oceans.

The ice shelf is named for geographic features nearby; the "Arco" portion is derived from its contact with the Archangelsk Strait, and the "Biancian" portion is derived from the same with continent Bianco.

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