First Region Map Highlighting Arawdielli Sea

The Arawdielli Sea on a map of the First Region. It is highlighted in blue.

The Arawdielli Sea is a warm sea that is densely rich in terms of biodiversity. Central in relation to much of the First Region, the Arawdielli Sea lies in between the Trinubes, Utara, Selatan, Bianco, and Moyen-Sud continents; the coastlines that it has with each are highly populated with fishes and coral reefs. The Moyen Serpent directs water from the Arawdielli Sea towards the Karallean Ocean, while the Appia of Biancoslatania directs it in the opposite direction to the oceans of the east; the Archangelsk Strait carries Arawdielli water south to the ice shelves and to the southern shores of Moyen-Sud, a resource-rich region. More islands are located in the Arawdielli Sea than any other area in the First Region.